Charisse Fullwood


Charisse was raised in NJ and the Wilmington NC area, today she is known for her caring, compassionate, and passionate nature. Her passion for education and thinking outside the box is one of the first things you will notice about her aside from her bright spirit. She is a former cosmetologist and aesthetic specialist of 7 years . She began her nursing career by attending one of NC oldest RN programs Whiteville NC, Southeastern Community College driving 2 hours per day to complete her nursing program at what she coins as ‘ the best nursing program in the state’.

After graduation, Charisse entered the workforce and practiced for 5 years in maternal- child health. Charisse’s favorite part of her nursing career has been in Assisting mothers during their high risk labors, and assisting them with reassurance, and educating them on what to expect as their labors and deliveries were impending. During her career she cared for many women who suffered postpartum depression, postpartum traumatic deliveries , and assisted women who had developed depression during their long term antepartum (before delivery) /postpartum (after delivery) stay in the hospital.

In 2017, Charisse decided to leave Labor and delivery and pursue Psychiatry where she could assist in the shortage of mental health care providers for women. She worked for 4 years as a travel nurse, nursing education, nurse trainer in geripsych, general psychiatry, substance abuse detox units, and acute psychosis units . She completed her undergraduate at Walden University and her PMHNP certification at Walden university and continues to work as an outpatient psychiatric provider assisting patients to be their best self. Charisse current goal is to focus on assisting patients who desire a holistic approach, Mind and Body Renew was established after several conversations with Maria and thoughts of reaching back into her roots in aesthetic medicine. Her goal is to and help patients not only feel their best but also to look their best ! “I feel blessed beyond measure, to have the desire to help others , I feel blessed because I am organically sharing with others what has helped me. I know what it’s like to struggle with weight, and diet or something you don’t like about yourself, if its not letting you Glow you have to let it go, or work on the feelings that prevent you from being your best self. I want to see you ‘Glow from within’ , let us help you look and feel your best . “

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